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Student of the Week

April 24, 2017
Zakai Benjamin  
Zakai Benjamin is a student who is contagiously positive and hardworking. She is a very dynamic student because she is currently excelling in many areas of study. Along with her artistic talent she never backs down from a challenge and always pushes herself and others to do their very best.  
 April 17, 2017
Morgan McEachern  
Morgan McEachern a 3rd grader at Centennial Ave. was a HUGE heart hero again this school year!!  Morgan raised $1,169 during our annual Hoops/Jump Rope for Heart event. Morgan's outstanding fundraising effort helped Centennial Ave. raise over $2,220 which was the highest we have ever raised!! GREAT WORK MORGAN!! 
April 10, 2017
Edison Rodriguez  
 It is with honor and pleasure to recognize a student with tremendous character, Edison Rodriguez. Edison has exhibited character that extends to others. He has been observed helping other students and is a role model for his younger sibling. He is respected by his classmates and teachers and receives acclaim for his efforts. Again, it is an honor to recognize Edison and Student of the Week.
 April 3, 2017
Mikayla Tucker  
 Mikayla Tucker  is a 6th Grader at Ulysses Byas. She enjoys attending school; reading and writing are her favorite subjects. Her favorite book is The Charmed Children of Rooksville. Mikayla also enjoys spending time with her family. Over the weekends, Mikayla loves to shop! When she grows up, her career choice is a fashion designer. An education at F.I.T. is her dream! One day, Mikayla would love to see Paris and Hawaii
March 27, 2017
Amelya Seaton  
Amelya Seaton is an exceptional student at Roosevelt Middle School. Amelya is very bright, and very motivated. She is consistently on task, working hard, and participating in class. Amelya's hard work continues to pay off, as she never ceases to succeed, both inside and out of the classroom. 
March 20, 2017 
Ximena Garcia Oliva  
Ximena Garcia Oliva is focused and determined to be the best student she can be. She always gives her best, and is never discouraged by difficult tasks. She utilizes all resources available to her. She is also dependable and takes initiative to get things done. Ximena has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to know and teach. She enjoys coloring and playing with her younger brothers. She loves being the teacher's assistant.
March 13, 2017
Jeffery Garcia  

   Jeffry Garcia is a second grader at Ulysses Byas. He has a a baby brother named Kenneth who he helps his Mom take care of.  He has an older sister named Jennifer who attends Roosevelt Middle School and his brother Erwin attends Ulysses Byas as well.  His family likes to spend time together playing soccer and watching movies. 


           Jeffry is a bright, helpful student. His favorite subjects are Art and Writing. He helps his classmates that need assistance and reminds them about proper classroom behavior. He has made progress academically in all areas. He is growing as a reader and a writer more and more each day.  I am pleased with efforts and I'm looking forward to seeing his continued growth this school year.

March 6, 2017
Centennial 5th Grade Students  

This past fall, the 5th grade students at Centennial Avenue Elementary School completed a unit of study revolving around human rights. To enhance their learning on this topic and to actively participate in the process of being global citizens, they became involved with UNICEF, an organization that works to give children healthier lives and brighter futures.

Under the leadership of 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Nancy Ticali, NBCT and other teachers on the 5th grade team with support from the building principals and parents, they were able to participate in Trick or Treat for UNICEF. Representatives from the classes distributed orange collection boxes to all of the students in the school. Students used these boxes on Halloween to collect funds for UNICEF. The students were then involved in the process of counting the money and donating it to UNICEF.

The fifth grade students collected a little over $1,000.00 to provide children around the world with medicine, nutrition, clean water, emergency relief and education. The children were excited about being part of a project where “kids help kids” and where their “change can help change the world”!

 February 27, 2017
Tamia Page  
 My name is Tamia Page and I am 11 years old. I am currently a 6th grade student at Ulysses Byas Elementary School. My birthday is September 2nd, 2005. My favorite color is blue and I love dancing. In this school I am involved in many activities. I am a member of the Safety Patrol Team, and I am the Captain. I was also the Homecoming Queen, and I was just elected the President of Student Council. The other activities I also participate in are dance, choir, and band. As a student I am eager to learn, and enjoy participating in class. I enjoy learning about math and science, which are my favorite subjects. So far as you can tell my year has been an awesome year! I look forward to contributing to other activities this school year.
February 13, 2017
Anthony Cabrera  
The Washington Rose School Community would like to congratulate Anthony Cabrera on becoming Student of the Week. Anthony is a highly motivated student who always has a challenging book to read with him. He is a model student in Mrs. McCabe’s sixth grade class. Keep up the good work Anthony. 
February 6, 2017
Daniella Velazquez  
 Daniella Velazquez, 7th grade gold student is worthy of being the student of the week. She makes positive contributions to the culture of the school everywhere she participates.  Daniella's grades are consistently at the top of her class and she assists students around her in achieving success, she is the VP of the RMS National Junior Honor Society
 January 30, 2017
Marlon Martinez  
 Marlon is a sixth grade student at Ulysses Byas in Mrs. Coleman’s and Mrs. Miles’s 6th grade class. He has attended the Roosevelt Schools since Pre-K. He lives with his brother, sister, mom and dad. An accomplished chess player, he is also a member of the travel team under Mr. Evans. A trumpet player in the Ulysses Byas band, Marlon is currently preparing his N.Y.S.S.M.A. solo for this coming spring’s competition. Marlon’s favorite subjects are math and ELA. He enjoys sports: soccer, basketball and martial arts are his favorites. As far as a career, Marlon would like work as a computer engineer. In his free time, Marlon likes to ride his skateboard and play on his PS4.
January 23, 2017
Leroy Faniyi  
 Washington Rose Elementary School would like to congratulate Leroy Faniyi for becoming student of the week. Leroy came to Washington Rose from the country of Nigeria and has made tremendous progress from the moment he arrived to now. He is very supportive of his classmates and is a very hard worker. He is a model student in his class and amongst his peers in his grade level. Again, we salute you Leroy for becoming student of the week.
January 17, 2017
Ms. Jasmin- 5th period  

Mrs. Jasmin's 5th Period Sociology Class is full of kind, caring and phenomenal students. Over the last couple of weeks they were assigned two important tasks to help spread joy, magic and cheer to other people. They were asked to do the following assignments: 


1. Write a letter to a member of the military to be included in a care package. 


2. Design, create, and write a card to a child that is sick in the hospital. 


For both tasks, the students took their time, used their creativity, and opened their hearts up to help bring sunshine to others.  As a class, they helped chip in for the cost of supplies needed to create the cards and the cost of mailing both the cards and letters. 


The military letters were mailed to "Operation Gratitude" which is an organization that sends care packages filled with food, entertainment, hygiene, and handmade items, plus personal letters of appreciation to Veterans, First Responders and even new recruits.  The cards for sick children will be sent to "Cards for Hospitalized Kids" which is an internationally recognized charitable organization that spreads hope, joy & magic to hospitalized kids across America through uplifting, handmade cards.




January 10, 2017
Tenaya Campfield  
Tenaya Campfield is an enthusiastic sixth grader at Ulysses Byas Elementary School. Tenaya has a positive attitude and a high degree of school spirit. Tenaya demonstrates being a role model to her peers by participating s in many school activities such as; Safety Patrol, Dance, and Choir. Tenaya is always eager to learn and enjoys participating in class. She also enjoys helping in the classroom and participating in classroom discussions. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and spending time with her family. Recently, Tenaya was honored to be chosen to dance for the Brooklyn Nets.
January 3, 2017
 Justin Morales
We are nominating Justin Morales for student of the week. Justin is an amazing 4th grader. From week 1 we knew Justin would be a leader in our class. He leads by example, coming to school prepared to learn every day, and completing homework assignments every night. He is very well behaved and is engaged in every lesson. He adds insight to our classroom discussions and is always thinking outside the box. Justin scored a 1080 on the first ELA benchmark which puts him well above grade level. He is having no trouble with the 4th grade curriculum scoring very high in every subject. He is well on his way to the Principal’s Honor Roll as he is already “Going Green.” Justin is a great friend and tutor as well. He wants to see his classmates succeed and helps them to reach their goals. In addition, he makes life easier for his teachers by checking math boards in the morning and grading papers. Justin Morales is a pleasure to have in class. 
December 19, 2016

Christopher is a sixth grader at Ulysses Byas Elementary School. He has attended the Roosevelt Schools since pre- kindergarten. Christopher is an excellent student, with high achievement in the areas of mathematics and science. He is a positive role model, socially as well as academically, not only for his peers, but the younger students at Ulysses Byas as well.

Christopher has an identical twin brother in Mrs. Hewitt’s class. An avid reader, Christopher is also a member of the Chess Nuts at Ulysses Byas. He enjoys playing soccer, as well as spending time with his friends. When he grows up, Christopher would like to be a computer technician. 

 December 12, 2016
Zarriah Lane is a kind, sweet young lady.  She positively impacts the entire building daily by delivering the morning messages energetically and enthusiastically.  She has been described by her teachers as intelligent, hard working, and diligent in her school work.  Zarriah regularly participates in classroom activities which benefits the classes that she is a part of.  The sign of a great student is that fact that their presence positively impacts others.  We are very lucky to have Zarriah as our student of the week. 
December 5, 2016
Nylette Lopez  

Nylette Lopez is an outstanding senior at Roosevelt High School. She is a National AP Scholar and in the top of her graduating class. Nylette was one of the 5,000 seniors selected nationally as a Questbridge Finalist. Additionally, she is a graduate from the Biotechnology Summer Institute at Stony Brook University. Nylette was elected Student Body President earlier this year. She shows her school spirit through her leadership as the Co-Captain of the Mathletes Club, a member of the National Honor Society, and an athlete on the Varsity Softball Team. She expresses her passion for music by assisting the band and playing the tuba for the Long Island University Post Wind Symphony. Nylette has recently been accepted to NYIT on a $22,000 Presidential Scholarship and continues to await acceptances from other schools. Nylette has just been named a semi-finalist for the Coca Cola Scholarship!She hopes to major in biomedical engineering and minor in music education next year. Nylette Lopez (17')  will perform in the Winter Concert with the LIU Post Wind Symphony at the Tilles Center in Brookville, NY. 


The concert will be held on Thursday, December 8th at 8PM. It will feature the Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony in which Nylette will be playing the tuba. Tickets can be purchased at the box office, to support the university's music program, starting at 7PM on the night of the concert. The link below has all of the information.



November 28, 2016
David H.  
It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge David Hamilton as student of the week. He has made tremendous strides as a student and has been a valued asset to Washington Rose Elementary School. On Halloween, he decided to dress as Mr. Braswell to show his commitment to excellence being the only acceptable standard. Again, congratulations David. Keep up the great work!
November 7, 2016 
Angelys Taveras is a dynamic student who goes above and beyond here at the Middle School.  Angelys is part of the Morning Wake Up Club here at the Middle School and assistsin making the morning announcements over the PA system for the building.  Angelys also assists her classmates in class through peer teaching and collaboration.  
 October 31, 2016
Elizabeth Fernandez  
My name is Elizabeth Fernandez. I am currently a senior at Roosevelt High School. I am very driven and motivated to consistently help others and very involved in my community. I have been given an amazing opportunity in receiving the Scholar Athlete Award for girls Varsity soccer. I have played Varsity level sports since my freshman year. I have been a captain for 2 years. Also, out of hundreds of Long Island students who applied, I was chosen to represent Long Island as a Bank of America student leader in a 5 day student leader summit in Washington D.C. and will have a  paid internship in a non-profit organization. Yearly, 6,000 people apply and I was lucky enough to be one of the 220 students selected! I was also chosen by my peers to represent my school as Homecoming Queen and I am running for Senior Class president. I am a Girl Scout, a part of the National Honor Society and a part of the Varsity Winter and Spring track team.  I am always working to better my school and my community.
October 24, 2016

Kevin Carcamo is currently a fifth grader attending Ulysses Byas Elementary school in Mrs. Charles-Brown and Mrs. Boyce’s class.  Kevin  truly performs with the mindset that “Failure is not an Option”.  Kevin is well behaved, respectful and focused.  Kevin interacts well with his peers while excelling academically.  Kevin is liked by his classmates and his teachers.  Kevin’s teachers are extremely proud of him and thinks he deserves recognition for his never ending strive for success.  

 October 11, 2016
N. Robinson  
 On behalf of the Washington Rose Elementary School, we would like to congratulate Nizell Robinson for receiving honor and recognition for Student of the Week. Nizell has made awesome strides as a student and a person and exemplifies the characteristics encouraged by all students in the Roosevelt Union Free School District. Keep up the good work Nizell.
October 3, 2016
The Ulysses Byas “Student of the Week” is Albert  Langumas!  Albert is a very studious fifth grader in Ms. Jordan’s class.  For the 2016 NYS assessments, he scored a high level 4 in math and a high level 3 in English Language Arts.  His favorite subject is math.  In addition, Albert would like to become a doctor in the future.  This young man is definitely on his way to being “College and Career” ready.  Congratulations Albert, and keep up the great work! 
September 26, 2016
Troop 1718  
Girl Scout Troop 1718
Kyra Curtis, Elisabeth Godinez, Elizabeth Fernandez (seniors), and Ashley Atkinson and Chelsea Vasquez (juniors). The Roosevelt Girl Scouts Troop of Nassau County was selected to attend the Seventy-First United Nations General Assembly, hosted by the First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama. This Broadway event included some of Broadway's finest actors to help deliver her push to get girls educated across the world. The "Let Girls Learn Initiative," is a program about Global Girls Empowerment through education.
On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, Troop 1718 would like to invite you to hear the girls share their experiences with you. 
When: Tuesday- September 27, 2016
Where: RHS Library 
Time 3:15pm